Here are some of the concepts I had created for the game, X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  I had the best time working on these images; exploring and expanding the characters of the Marvel Universe. One more dream fulfilled. Please enjoy - I know I did!      - Nick

Here's a small slice of the development progression I had gone through to design the 200' Sentinel Boss. A few of us were immersed for months on the Sentinel Boss Battle section of the game. I personally had a complete blast working on it from start to finish and am still very proud of all the fun, cinematic elements we were able to jam into it and how well it all came together in the end.

Final model render:

Here is the progression for the game's Elemental Boss - from thumbnails to final painted concept.

Machete Mutant (unused) with character-type explorations:

Here are concepts created for the 14' Sentiel Prototype - from thumbnails to turnaround.

Teleporter designs:

This Sabretooth study was developed from internal FOX movie production stills we were allowed to use but at this point in our production, we did not yet have the OK from Liev Schreiber's camp to use his likeness in the game. We were eventually given permission, but I had been tasked with developing this alternative version just in case. While I think it's a cool head, I'm still not convinced I had moved the likeness far enough from Mr. Schreiber's, but thankfully for the continuity of the characters it became a moot point.


- Nick

Here are my Call of Duty: Black Ops, DLC, Zombie Concepts done during my days working for the good folks at Raven Software. To the best of my knowledge, all but my crazy "Ox" zombie were chosen and used in one form or another.

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